The 10 fastest & best internet browsers

There are a lot of different internet browsers on the internet. But which browser is the fastest, safest and most user-friendly? This browser comparison from 2013 shows you a list of the 10 fastest & best browsers on the Internet.

  • The list is based on a detailed test.
  • For the ranking, several factors were pulled aside and compared with each other.
  • These included the number of features included, security, speed, usability, compatibility with operating systems and handling, as well as the help and support of each Internet browser.

Each factor, for example speed, was again divided into several factors (how fast the browser starts and how fast it loads pages), so that a total of 35 factors play a role in this browser ranking. The central test results of the Internet browser comparison can be seen in the following graphic:

1. Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser made it to 1st place. It convinced in all areas and collected the most points with 9.85. The software giant has spared no ends to develop the best, fastest and most secure browser in the world. Everyone who is on the Internet should give Chrome a chance and download and test Google’s browser. Despite the many advantages, the browser also came under criticism again and again because of privacy concerns. However, after strong protests, Google has deactivated some questionable features again and the data protection should now be about the same or weak as with other browsers.

With its Google Chromebooks, there are now also dedicated notebooks that are specifically designed for the browser and the use of Internet cloud services. Thus, Internet browser and hardware merge into a single tool for web nomads.

2. Mozilla firefox

Second place goes to Mozilla’s web browser. The non-profit organization has managed over decades and on a non-profit basis to program a browser that is technically a nose ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and when it comes to popularity beats it by a long shot. There are even ways to make the Firefox browser even faster than it already is. The site Techfacts has put together a few tricks on how to make your Firefox browser faster. Many addons allow you to customize the web browser to your needs, which obviously goes down well with users.

Instead of a Firefox notebook, Mozilla has decided to develop Firefox cell phones. Here, too, the browser and smartphone are to grow even closer together.

3. Microsoft Internet Explorer

In recent years, Internet Explorer has often been in the headlines, mainly because of its lack of security. In recent months and weeks, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been quiet, as most of the security issues have been resolved. With a rating of 9.08, Microsoft’s Internet browser is just behind Mozilla on the technical side, but of course cannot match the popularity of Mozilla Firefox. However, Microsoft has recognized that it cannot stand still technically and is now continuously developing the browser again.

4. Opera browser

Opera is an independent Scandinavian company. More than 20 years ago, the company started to make information available to everyone for free and worldwide. Opera is a web browser that runs on computers, phones and any other devices, from TVs to tablets to game consoles. Like Internet Explorer, the Opera browser impresses with a high set of features and good help as well as support. Opera’s mobile browser has also become very popular on smartphones.

5. Safari browser

A bit disappointing is Apple’s Safari browser in 5th place with 8.7 points. Again, this is a high score on the scale, but Apple needs to work on the feature set in particular to achieve a higher score. Apple’s browser is extremely easy to use, but it lacks some of the standard features of Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Nevertheless, Apple’s Safari browser is of course indispensable for most Apple users.

6. Maxthon Browser

The Maxthon browser is unique in its form. The rather unknown browser impresses with an innovative browser design uses the two browser engines Webkit and Trident. Efficiency and speed in rendering and displaying web pages are Maxthon’s trademarks. With an award-winning HTML5 support and the many features already built in, Maxthon Cloud Browser allows users to easily playback web content and data between different devices – All in the Cloud. Via Android and iTunes apps, the Cloud Browser also runs on smartphones and tablets.

7. Rockmelt Social Browser (Bought out by Yahoo)

Rockmelt is ranked 7th on the list, but it is actually the candidate for the lateral entrant of the last few years. The new browser convinced with a new way of browsing the web. Simpler more intuitive, more social, that was Rockmelt. Unfortunately, the browser failed to break through with its social approach as well as its Rockmelt apps.

Recently, however, Rockmelt was acquired by Yahoo. According to Marissa Meyer, Yahoo’s new boss, the technology behind Rockmelt will now be incorporated into all sorts of Yahoo applications. However, the Internet browser as well as the Rockmelt apps will no longer be supported as of the end of August 2013, and the download has also already been deactivated.

The app is still announced on the website, but unfortunately it can no longer be downloaded, to the regret of many. We’ll see what Yahoo makes of it.

8. Seamonkey Browser

The SeaMonkey project is a community of software engineers who develop SeaMonkey as an all-in-one suite. The Seamonkey browser suite includes an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client with an included RSS reader, HTML editor, IRC chat and various web development tools. SeaMonkey convinces with security, and is especially recommended for users with previous knowledge as well as web developers.

9. DeepNet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer was the world’s first anti-phishing web browser, which helped protect millions of Internet users from phishing software. Today, all leading web browsers have an anti-phishing feature. The main purpose of phishing websites and software was to steal the users online identity and today this is still common, but in different ways. Today Trojans are used and also this time Deepnet Explorer is the first to deal with new potential dangers in web browsing. Deepnet Browser is considered to be a pioneer of new technologies when it comes to fighting malicious software in Internet browsing. Since this is Deepnet’s only real major advantage over all other browsers, it only lands in 9th place.

10. Avant Browser

Avant Browser was first made available for download in 2002. It’s clear that a small company like Avant Force can’t really compete with Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple or Google. Nevertheless, the Avant Browser has been around for more than 11 years and is regularly updated. In the test, the browser failed in its security and only achieved 6.58 points and thus the last place in the ranking for the 10 fastest & best Internet browsers.


In the desktop area, new and lesser-known browsers can hardly get past Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Apple’s Safari probably also still owes its popularity only to the unconditional loyalty of Apple disciples.

Things are now getting exciting with the increasing mobile use of the Internet on tablet PCs and smartphones. A new space is emerging here for mobile browsers that can best respond to the changing demands. Cloud solutions and interconnected browsers that synchronize desktop, cell phone, and tablet are probably ahead of the game here.